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Know, How Accelerated Mobile Pages Can Improve Your Website Speed?

ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES Actually Improves your web speed and loading time.

On the first go with AMP, you will experience the fast loading with accelerated mobile pages.

For an instance, Imagine you searched something on google and it presented you with results. When you clicked on the any of the results, just because of the loading time, you felt the irritation. We all had went through with this situation. Not any more. With the help of Accelerated Mobile Pages, you will feel the difference and which will help your viewers not to move to another competitor of yours just because of your website’s loading time.

As everyone is so busy nowdays, all what they crave for is speed.

Let’s talk about AMP. So, What is AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

Full form of AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages. Basically, it’s a way to build web pages for static content that render fast. Google has released this project to understand the requirement of visitors to get access to information faster and directs all efforts to quick loading of the website.

Since then, all mobile app development companies and website development companies getting lots of requests to build a responsive website according to the AMP terms. Which indicate the importance of AMP to the users.

How AMP can change the game ?

Speed factor gains prime importance while developing a website. As we know that, the website which load faster enjoy higher conversion rate than the website which takes too much time to get loaded.

AMP can help you with this, if your website is developed as per the AMP terms which is based on visitors’ requirements. Then it will surely give you the highest conversion rate on your website.

Also from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) point of view, AMP websites enjoy greater chances of success than others. It becomes easier to accomplish SEO goals with AMP pages.

This is the main reason of increased popularity and demand for AMP responsive websites.

It doesn’t matter, if you developed your website on WordPress or on any other platform. Your website should follow the AMP terms to avoid the problems for your mobile visitors.

Now the question arises – How to Configure and use AMP ?

Following are some plus points of AMP that add value to your business websites:

  • Website development is simpler when using AMP concept, due to usage of HTML subsets and tags.
  • One common JavaScript controls all HTML codes.
  • Website’s Videos and images are supported like never before in AMP, causing no lag in loading time for the website.

In this market where people prefer digital and visually appealing content, speed of the website is what gets compromised, which eventually affects the conversion rates of your website.

But, now can overcome this loading time and speed problem by using AMp pages along with SEO advantage.

If you are still looking forward to get your website redeveloped on AMP or you would like to know more, Don’t Doodle, ask the experts.

Shoot us your requirement email – vinay.sharma@ydoodle.com and one of the expertsdfrom Team YDoodle will be in touch with you.

Its high time and your web page speed is killing 40% of your visitors, time to take control.

29 November, 2016, Written by Vijay Rajbhar comments
Vijay Rajbhar

Mr.Vijay is Co-Founder of YDoodle & digital marketing expert. Engaging with different communities online is nothing but a passion for him.


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